About Mots Doux - Sweet Words - Pronounce mo doo!

Few years ago, my move from France to USA, gave me the opportunity of a new start. It took me some time to think about what I deeply wanted to bring into this life. 

This self oriented time freed me! 

I finally got the possibility to do what I was truly meant for: Helping people to live an happier life.

Mots Doux is born with this intention of encouraging an optimistic and positive lifestyle. My mindfully and meaningful curated French Mantra bracelets serve this everyday purpose. 

There is no baby steps, no small thing… positivity is inside, of each of us, sometimes just asleep, awaiting a little sign, to awake.

I so am excited to share this journey with you and to have the opportunity to help you achieve harmony in your lives.

With much love, Corinne.