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About Us

About Us

Mots Doux is inspiring women with positive and uplifting messages in French, engraved on simple, elegant bracelets.

All around the world, women crave a happier, mindful, positive lifestyle, we aim to be a helping hand, the key to caring in this quest.

At Mots Doux, we believe that the first step to achieving a life change starts with changing the way you think, and what a better way than thinking in a foreign language!

We have created Mots Doux in that spirit, with the expectation that our bracelets will encourage you to live a joyful, positive, and optimistic way of life. 

We are amazed by the stories of women who have worn our bracelets to motivate, inspire, and achieve their aspirations. You also relate that when you tailor and stack your bracelets, the slight tinkling of your Mots Doux on your wrist genuinely serve as a reminder and help you go through every life milestone.

Let these French words, be your anchor and the reminder of your aspirations, self-love, and care.

Meet Corinne, Founder & Designer

Mots Doux are simple, elegant bracelets engraved with an uplifting French message; encouraging positivity, optimism, joy, mindfulness. Wear your French inspiration every day as your daily reminder, motivation, aspiration.

I am from Marseille, France, (a beautiful city!) where I spent a large part of my life. When I moved to the US in 2015, I was seeking a positive, optimistic, and mindful way of life. My intentions were strong, but in the long run, carried away by the craziness of everyday life, I slightly forgot my quest. I needed a daily reminder of my aspirations to encourage myself and get closer to my purposes every day.

As a woman, I strive to inspire all women, to live, write, and share their own stories. As a French woman, French language and fashion are my roots, so naturally, my reminder had to be something to wear, and my encouraging words came in French.

Mots Doux was born.

Now, I’m proud to say that it was the best choice I ever made.

It’s been much hard work, persistence, and hustle that thanks to the support of my family and my new country, I managed to build.

I sincerely hope Mots Doux will enlighten your journey, as they do in mine.

Avec tout mon amour, Corinne