Wear your French inspiration
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Intentional change, Believe you can and you will. CROIS EN TOI

I've been thinking a lot about intentional change these past few weeks. That means change that we want to bring into our everyday life, bad habits that we want to let go of or healthier we want to build, mostly new ways of being in the world that we want to "start" to live into. I'm landing on the idea that the most powerful changes aren't about changing into someone new. Maybe remembering who we once were, before we learned to be someone we are certainly not. I believe that every positive shift I make in my life, that I'm able to sustain drive me on a happier path.
I am lucky enough to get some help on my path with the light tinkling of my Mots Doux bracelets stacked on my wrist. Its genuinely serve as a reminder and help me go through everyday life milestone.
What about you?